Founded by Dr Zeba Waqar

About Our Campus


Organisation: a well organized and a disciplined institution with:

  • Chairperson: Dr Zeba Waqar Warraich
  • Majlis E Aamila: this is a body of all ladies actively involved in various teaching activities of An Nisa. They have regular monthly meetings.
  • Nazimaats (co-ordinators): ladies who manage the administrative affairs.
  • Members: all ladies who are regularly attending classes, and actively helping and supporting in various matters.
  • Activities: all activities revolve around achieving the main aims and objectives:

1) Taleem e deen course:
Duration: 2 years
Timings: 8 to 1; five days a week.
It is designed to train young girls and motivated ladies to prepare them as Muallimaats. In this short period (see in the courses category) with a syllabus designed with great effort and excellence; Quran, Hadith, Arabic grammar, Tajweed, Tarbiyah, Ethics, Etiquettes, Recitation practice, Seerah of the Prophet (saw) and seerahs of the companions. We try to prepare Muallimaats, who after completing the course, will be able to impart Islamic education in their areas. The faculty is a group of hardworking, sincere, well versed ladies working on voluntary basis out if shear love of the Quran.
The Muallimaats...

  • Are Taught
  • Are Motivated
  • Are Exposed to various training activities, for example offering ishraaq prayers in the campus, regular listening of tilawat etc.
  • Are asked to give presentations and lectures to develop their vocal skills and build up their confidence.
  • Are provided all forms of written materials and library support for their subsequent teaching activities.
  • Are, even after passing out, continuously0 guided, supported, motivated, and linked with An Nisa by regular ijtemas.

2) Taleem ul Quran and Hadith course:
Duration: 2 years
Timings: 8 to 1; five days a week.
This course offers an option for housewives and students busy in parallel studies to learn the detailed tafseer of Quran and Hadith. Some of these students also pass out as Muallimaats.

3) Noor ul Quran course:
Duration: 3-4 years
Timings: 2 hours; once a week
Designed for understanding the meaning of Quran for reforming their families and societies.

4) Tajweed course:
To teach the correct pronunciation and tilawat of Quran. The elementary books of tajweed (qaida) are taught along with the practice of quranic education.

5) Seerah courses

6) Short grammar courses

7) Tarbiyah courses

8) Daura e tafseer ul Quran:
Duration: thirty-three-day session during Ramazan ul Mubarak
Briefly going through the meaning of the whole Quran. But Dr Zeba and Muallimaats from An Nisa do not only read the translation but also give a beautiful blend of Hadith and seerah to enrich their audience. Every year on the 27th Ramazan, there is an ijtamayi dua by Dr Zeba when thousands of ladies from all the centers get together.

9) CD classes:
These are the classes being held at various places in Pakistan and outside Pakistan with Dr Zeba’s lectures playing on the CDs. Moreover, women who cannot commute, to join regular courses, are facilitated by providing them with our CDs for any course they want. They are given the option to listen, learn, submit the assignments and home works, and appear in the tests while staying at home.

10) Bint e Islam:
Duration: 2 hours
Timings: Fortnightly (twice a month); Saturday evenings.
Age group: arranged as three groups; 5 to 10 years, 10 to 15 years, 15 years and above.
It is a special setup exclusively designed to impart Islamic education to young girls in the most comfortable, easy, simple, yet interesting and modern methodology.

We teach the girls:

  • Islamic etiquettes and duas
  • Arabic vocabulary
  • Short lectures on various topics like ethics, relations, ibadah etc.
  • Children are made to offer prayers which is corrected in actions and pronunciation.
  • Entertainment; activities, presentations, skits, and hand work.
  • Refreshments
  • Summer camps specially designed for summer vacations, usually 5 to 6 weeks.

Campus: a dream of Dr Zeba almost came true seeing the schools and colleges of contemporary education, she always desired and prayed to Allah(SWT) to make an institution to impart Islamic education which is comfortable, well ventilated, clean, comfortable, well-lit, with all the modern amenities, and technologies. Allah(SWT) has been very kind since two floors (basement and ground floor) have now been completed with huge air-conditioned lecture halls, library, CD and book shop, computer lab, prayer area, ablution (wuzu) area etc.

Transport facility: An Nisa maintains vans to provide pick and drop facility to support students having difficulty to commute.

Student support facility: An Nisa provides FREE books, uniforms, library services, transport facility, provision of literature and written material to all students who cannot afford. Otherwise, there are no regular fee charges or registration charges for all the students. All students and their female family members are also provided with free medical advice and monetary medical support by Dr Zeba.

Educational trips: are arranged to entertain as well as educate the students like batch of 2010 visited Badshahi Mosque.

Future plans insha Allah:

  • To start online courses and the live broadcasting of all the lectures.
  • Completion of the first floor of Quran house for the purpose of a hostel so that girls from outside can also be accommodated to join the offered courses.
  • Starting of the Hifz e Quran classes.
  • Launching an independent channel to spread the message of Islam.

Accounts: Alhumdulillah, An Nisa is totally supported by donations (zakat/ sadaqaat). All accounts are meticulously maintained and are open to all donors and members for check and accountability.

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